Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i've become a Reply All idiot

Okay, so I don't know what to use as an excuse. Emotional distraction? Bad hayfever that's making me sleepy? Finally-don't-give-enough-of-a-damn syndrome? Twice in the past week  I've Replied All, meaning to delete the sender's address & just copy my close colleagues, and then whoopsie, forgot to delete the sender!

Thankfully in neither case did I disparage the sender. Nonetheless, the mssgs did contain enough ingredients to allow me to be embarrassed, which I am not easily.

Hopefully the trend does not continue, cuz I sorta-kinda really need my job.


  1. You are NOT alone - it happens at my work *all* the time. Most people are mature enough to go "oh, this wasn't meant for me" and just delete it. :)

  2. Yeah, no one took offence but that didn't make me feel any less like a dumbass! lol

  3. I recently got an e-mail that was accidentally sent to a huge group. Rather than just deleting it, a bunch of people hit reply all and said "why did I get this?!?" which was followed by a rousing chorus of reply-alls saying "stop hitting reply all!" It was a nightmare! :S